Thank you for your interest in our project. Our aim is to create a contemporary, high-quality development with retail, dining, and apartments. The City of Dana Point has made an enormous effort in upgrading the streetscape of the Lantern District and committing to a walkable, vibrant vision for the area. Our project will contribute to achieving that vision.

UPDATES: The Dana Point Planning Commission approved our project unanimously at its Monday, March 11 public hearing. Thank you to City staff for working with us extensively to ensure that the project meets City standards and policies for the Lantern District. We also value suggestions from neighbors and other residents, and invite community members to contact us directly using the form at the bottom of this page.

About the Project

Contributing to the Lantern District Vision - The Greer will contribute to the vision of the Lantern District as a walkable, vibrant village. It offers shopping, dining, and services for Dana Point residents and visitors in a contemporary setting, using high-quality materials and design. It will also provide apartment homes and gathering places for a range of ages, including seniors. These residents will help support Lantern District businesses.

Designed to Meet Measure H - The project has been carefully designed to meet community standards established by Measure H.

Long-Term Property Owner - The owner has held this property for over 10 years, will develop and finance the project, and intends to continue holding the property once the project is built. This is also the owner of the beautiful Coastal Kitchen property nearby.

Good Neighbors - On-site rental management will foster positive neighbor relations and safety.

Quality - Design and materials will be contemporary and high quality, built as a long-term investment in the community. Proposed materials on the building exterior include smooth stucco and wood based finishes.  See materials >

Concepts for Common Areas

Ample Parking - On-site parking will meet or exceed the number of required parking spaces, in two subterranean levels.

Controlled Height - Building heights are within the Measure H limit; the residential levels above retail are stepped back from the street.

Senior Housing - The project provides senior housing within the walkable Lantern District, reserving some of the apartments for ages 55 and up.

Vitality & Pedestrian Orientation - The project will bring new vitality to Del Prado Avenue with indoor and outdoor dining, retail spaces with large windows along the sidewalk, and apartments with balconies overlooking the street.


Project News


June 2020

Preliminary construction to begin.

March 2019


The proposed project was approved by the Dana Point Planning Commission at the March 11 public hearing.​ Story poles were removed on March 13.

February 2019

An Informational Open House was held at the property on February 9, Saturday 10 am - 2 pm. Thank you to the neighbors who stopped by our table to talk and ask questions. On February 15, story poles were installed on the site and will remain for a minimum of 20 days per City requirements. They are scheduled to be removed on March 13.

January 2019

The City is completing its review of the project after multiple rounds of revisions and discussions to ensure that the proposed development complies with City regulations, including Measure H.

January 2018

A notice was posted on the property and sent to neighbors, stating an intent to file an application to the City. The project team filed a development application, beginning a year-long cycle of City reviews and project revisions.


The property owner's team began designing a mixed-use project for the site.

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